Oxygen Infusion

Skin Care

This treatment infuses the skin with pure medical grade oxygen and serums to see immediate visible results. Oxygen Facials have become the latest craze in the celebrity world. Everyone has had this rejuvenating treatment.

From Victoria Beckham, Justin Timberlake, to Katy Perry, and Madonna, this is a facial that everyone is talking about. If you have a special occasion you must have an Oxygen Facial!

How often should I get an Oxygen facial?

Oxygen facials can be done as often as you like

How much will cost an Oxygen Facial?

The cost can be between $150-$200 depends of what you ad to your oxygen facial.

Benefits of oxygen treatment:

  • Promotes collagen production –
  • Helps detox the skin –
  • Speeds up cell turnover process –
  • No side effects- unlike other more invasive anti-aging treatments like Botox or microdermabrasion, oxygen facials don’t cause any uncomfortable side effects like stinging, burning or redness. How does it work?
  • An oxygen Facial is a cooling facial that is ideal for soothing irritated skin.

Pure oxygen will help individuals fighting eczema, dryness, acne or irritated red skin.

The Oxygen facial is also recommended to help clear acne, on smoker’s skin, or simply to reveal the radiant, healthy skin beneath the surface.

Who can benefit from it?

Anyone and everyone. Specifically dehydrated skin and fine lines, tired eyes, hyper-pigmentations, sensitive skin, acne and rosacea. Last but not least, a facial for a special event.

What is the procedure?

Active serum is applied onto your skin which is then pushed into the deeper layers of your skin with an oxygen delivery system.

How long will the procedure last?

25 minutes for the eye area treatment and hands.

45 minutes for a full facial or other areas (for example, décolletage)

Is it painful?

Not at all.

What happens straight after treatment?

You can continue with your day and apply make-up as you wish.

When will I see results?

Straightaway and your skin will appear plumper and more hydrated over the next couple of days. You can usually see your results up to a week afterwards.

Do I need to repeat this treatment?

We would recommend a course of treatments, especially heading up to a special event.

What are the long-term benefits and results?

There will be a cumulative effect of the active ingredients, especially hyaluronic acid.

Oxygen Infusion

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