Chemical Peels

Skin Care

Light chemical peels exfoliate the superficial layers of your skin to help remove dead and damaged surface skin cells, refine the texture and color of your skin.

An effective anti-ageing treatment that it helps boost collagen production, significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and gives your skin back its radiance and luminosity.

It can also benefit you if you are experiencing hyper-pigmentation, age spots, scarring or have acne prone skin. It is great for both male and female skins.

There are many different names for these peels but most contain hydroxy acids, either alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy or combinations of both. Many of these peels contain glycolic acid (alpha) or salicylic acid (beta).

Like Microdermabrasion, they are usually gentle enough that you can go right back to your daily activities.

Our aim is to make dull skin look smoother, brighter and more radiant using two professional-strength masks. The first one is exfoliating. It uses 18 per cent glycolic acid and retinol (used to improve appearance and texture) After first mask, we apply the second mask a soothing and moisturizing mask with

Aloe Vera, antioxidants and hydrating hyaluronic acid.

How it feels After thorough cleansing, the first mask is applied, waiting for the tingling to start. It doesn’t take long. Five minutes is the maximum.

The second shouting mask we apply last for two minutes

Once that’s removed, surplus serum is massaged into the skin.

Light peeling cost & recovery time

The final cost of your procedure will depend on the type of peel you want, the condition of your skin, and other factors unique to your case. Light chemical peels can cost as low as $150, while deep chemical peels are generally most expensive.

Recovery time:
From one to seven days. After this facial peel, your skin will be red, and after the redness fades a scaly crust will form that lasts three to seven days.

Home care:
Apply cream or lotion until the skin heals. Use sunblock daily.When you can use makeup: In general immediately after a light facial exfoliation, but in some cases the day after.

Follow-up visit:
None, although three to five peels might be necessary in order to get the desired results. The procedure may be repeated every two to five weeks.

Chemical Peels

What Our Customers Say

This is one of the best skin care treatment I’ve ever had. During my free consultation I’ve realized that this procedure can not only get rid of fine lines and wrinkles but my scars and brown spots too. To my delight the actual treatment DID get rid of all it promised. Best of all, there was minimal recovery time. I would definitely recommend to all my friends!

Natalia Gus

My skin improved a lot! Big pores and spots are gone! I receive many compliments!

Maria Owens

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I only wish I had come to you years ago. Thank you for all your help. I have had acne for years and for my skin to have such an incredible improvement in so little time is just amazing. 

Daren Green

Have your natural best looks revealed in a caring and trustworthy environment. No more hours a week of daily tweezing. Just regular appointments so you look your best, all the time!

Bertha K

For many years I waxed and tweezed my hair but really started to get frustrated with the way I looked and felt. My self esteem was at a low. But when I started doing electrolysis, everything changed. My friend recommended I try it and promised that I would be 100% satisfied. Well, she was right. The results are great and the hair does not grow back. My upper lip is clear and the rest of my face is clear as well. Electrolysis is the only way to go for hair removal, especially if you're looking for permanent results.

Maria D

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