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How does electrolysis works?

Electrolysis is performed with expertise and precision and permanently removes unwanted hair. It involves gently sliding a very fine and specialized sterile disposable needle down the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the unwanted hair

A controlled, minute pulse of electrical energy is emitted through the needle, destroying the hair growth cells, and the loosened hair is gently removed.

The three modalities of Electrolysis are:

Electrolysis, which involves the use of a direct current, (also known as galvanic current) and is the original form of electrolysis. Sodium Hydroxide (lye) is created in the follicle, destroying the hair through chemical decomposition.

This chemical action occurs when the direct current reacts with the body fluids and salts.

Thermolysis involves the use of high frequency alternating current, also known as short wave, diathermy, or electrocauterization. Destruction of the hair occurs when heat created in the follicle coagulates or desiccates the target area.

The Blend method combines the use of both direct and alternating currents (AC/ DC). These currents, used sequentially or together, enhance the effects of each other to destroy the target area.

All three modalities are effective and will result in permanent hair removal when administered by our expert staff. Individual circumstances will dictate which type of modality is the most appropriate. Our state-of-the-art equipment is capable of delivering all three modes of Electrolysis. During your free consultation we will discuss which method will most effectively produce the results you desire.

How many treatments are needed?

Since many factors influence hair growth, you will need to return for several visits. The total number of sessions needed to remove hair permanently from a particular area will vary from person to person. Most clients return once a week or every other week, as necessary. But the unwanted hair will be gone forever once the series of treatments have been completed. Each treatment lasts between 15 minutes and one hour.

What does Electrolysis feel like?

Each individual’s level of comfort during treatment varies. Some sensation will be felt, depending on the sensitivity of the individual receiving treatment. Most patients become accustomed to the sensation over time, with some clients even able to fall asleep during the procedure! Those clients with particularly sensitive skin may find that taking a mild analgesic a half hour before treatment will reduce any discomfort that may be felt. Alternatively, over-the-counter topical analgesics (such as Emla) are extremely effective for sensitive areas. Some clients experience post-treatment heat or discomfort, and we have found that icing the area for a short period as quickly as possible will help to comfort the area.

Is the consultation free?

Yes. During your free, confidential consultation, we will evaluate your individual hair removal needs and answer any questions you may have.

Your privacy is assured.

What areas are usually treated with Electrolysis?

Electrolysis can be performed on almost any area of the body. Common areas treated include, but are not limited to: eyebrows,

upper lip, chin, hairline, bikini, legs and other body areas.

Is it safe?

At Bay Street Clinic our professionals take your health and safety very seriously. As a licensed facility, government officials who inspect our equipment and facilities to ensure that we are in compliance with proper safety procedures visit us regularly.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes. We offer Gift Certificates. Electrolysis can mean a world of difference in the life of your friends and loved ones.

Why are your prices so low compared to other clinics?

At the Bay Street Clinic, we believe that regularity of treatment is just as important as treatment itself. In order to encourage our clients to return more often, guaranteeing faster results, we offer lower prices and flexible hours. Please contact us and we would be happy to accommodate your scheduling needs.

How long does each treatment take?

What areas of the body can be treated?

Who can be treated with Electrolysis?

Males and females of all ages and ethnicities, who have unwanted hair of any type, are candidates for Electrolysis treatment. And, unlike lasers, which have been known to cause scarring on dark skin and are ineffective on light hair, Electrolysis is suitable for any color and texture of hair and on all skin types.

While there is no age that is a barrier to Electrolysis treatment, it is advisable to obtain parental consent for children or young teens under sixteen. Parents are encouraged to accompany any underage dependents, at least for the consultation. This allows an informed parent to understand the procedure and be supportive of the treatment.

Electrolysis can also be used to safely remove hair from a mole with the prior written approval of your physician.

Pregnant women can have only Thermolysis one of the method of permanent hair removal. We would also like to extend a heartfelt welcome to members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

What Our Customers Say

Have your natural best looks revealed in a caring and trustworthy environment. No more hours a week of daily tweezing. Just regular appointments so you look your best, all the time!

Bertha K

For many years I waxed and tweezed my hair but really started to get frustrated with the way I looked and felt. My self esteem was at a low. But when I started doing electrolysis, everything changed. My friend recommended I try it and promised that I would be 100% satisfied. Well, she was right. The results are great and the hair does not grow back. My upper lip is clear and the rest of my face is clear as well. Electrolysis is the only way to go for hair removal, especially if you’re looking for permanent results.

Maria D

When laser hair removal fell short of the results I was looking for, I found electrolysis to be extremely effective. After years of battling with unwanted hair, it was a tremendous relief to find a method of hair removal that actually delivered on its promise, and at a very fair price for a budget restricted student like myself.

Alex S

After years of bleaching, plucking, waxing, shaving and an attempt at laser hair removal, it is so satisfying to finally see results that are permanent. The decision to start electrolysis treatment has done more to boost confidence in myself then anything else.

Amanda B

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